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Welcome to the Lost Kites Press Kit!

We’ll get you on your way with easy resources and quick steps for a great screening.

How To Promote The Upcoming Showing Online



You can get started by posting our teaser trailer on Facebook / your website

To post on social media, check out the video below, look for the "paper airplane" icon on the right side of the video screen, click it and follow the prompt

Add the hashtag #lostkites  to your social media posts so others can join in!


In a pre-gathering or to your congregation you can also use our trailer below to get viewers excited. Click here to download it to your computer.

Lost Kites Teaser Trailer from Eloy Project on Vimeo.

Download Poster To Print And Promote Showing

Distribute Posters

To get the maximum amount of people at your showing advertise your event in the community with these posters below.

Please, quality color copies only!

You can post these in your your building, church, and any local stores, coffee shops, etc. We would love to see photos of the posters up in your area.

After you put them up send a snap of it to


Click here to download the high quality (PDF) Poster for adding your host details


Click here to download the high quality Poster (photoshop file) for adding your host details.

How To Promote On TV/Radio Stations

Local TV / Radio stations


Many local stations provide a community calendar on their website where you can post your showing time and location.

If no community calendar is available on your tv/radio stations website simply google their telephone number and give them a call.


Sample Description for the station: "Orphan care documentary, Lost Kites featuring a 22 nation journey and a call to restore family will be playing at X location, at X time, on X date. Q & A session with the film makers to follow."

Short Description for Sharing Online - (Short Synopsis)

LOST KITES is a full length feature documentary that captures three abandoned kids braving their way, as a film team discovers a call to restore families.

Medium Description For Sharing Online - (Medium Synopsis)

Long Synopsis

“LOST KITES” follows a young film team seeking answers to the global orphan crisis, and end up meeting three kids who change their lives. Caught in street life, orphanage care, and abandonment by heart defect, these three must face mountainous challenges. But the team finds hope in a powerful family-based model that will forever change the way we view orphan care.

Video Reactions To Lost Kites

News Reports


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