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“LOST KITES” follows a young film team seeking answers to the global orphan crisis, and end up meeting three kids who change their lives. Caught in street life, orphanage care, and abandonment by heart defect, these three must face mountainous challenges. But hope is found in a powerful family-based care model that will forever change the way we view orphan care.


In April of 2013, the LOST KITES team came together in Kona, Hawaii. They were six young people, from four different countries, with a documentary about orphans on their heart. “I want to see what is the best way to help children without families- what is that?” asked director, Samuel Rich. And so they set out on a 22 nation journey for two years, with a lean budget from crowdfunding and donations from family and friends.

Statistics appeared daunting at the start, 8-10 million children living in orphanages, and 100 million on the streets, but the more the team traveled, the more hope for family began to emerge. 70+ interviews with social workers, advocates, doctors, and authors revealed strategies that the team is now sharing with the world in their film.

Cut to a power-packed 48 minutes, LOST KITES crosses the globe and features the team as they capture 3 abandoned children’s harrowing stories, and discover the call to family.

The film team is visiting Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver for the Canadian screenings of LOST KITES before touring with the film in the US and Europe.

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Behind the Scenes footage & interviews about the Lost Kites movement to help unparented children: